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Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige

Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige
Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige
Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige
Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige
Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige

Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige   Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige

Kinderkraft stroller Landau trio premium 2020 with auto seat 3in1bige. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Product certified fast and free delivery.

Prime - Nacelle and multifunction stroller 3 in 1 + bag with handles + changing mattresses. Premium combines three functions in a single stroller.

From the first days of your child's life, you will be accompanied by the car seat Mink and a deep and comfortable nacelle. Older children can enjoy a practical and lightweight stroller, up to 22 kg. Made from high quality materials, the stroller has a nice look and is very functional.

The cushioning of all the wheels and the padded frame in addition, the large swollen wheels and the durable and practical structure make this stroller perfect for special tasks. Stroller up to 22 kg. Adjustable cushioning at several levels on the frame. Large rubber wheels, pumped cushioning. Elegant finish with high quality materials.

Double security - thanks to a special lock, you do not have to worry if the stroller will close during the walk or open during transport. The comfortable 5-point safety belts are adjustable and equipped with soft padding and central protection to ensure the comfort of the child during each walk. Reflexes - The sweeper cover and the nacelle is equipped with reflective elements that further increase the safety of each walk. Brake - Central brake - Stop & Drive positioned on the rear axle of the stroller, it can be locked or unlocked from the top, for comfort of use and protection of your shoes.

Reference Standard - Premium has been designed and constructed according to last standard in 1888: 2018 with maximum permissible load up to 22 kg. The aluminum frame guarantees a light but solid stroller structure. The multi-level adjustable lateral cushion allows comfortable driving in all conditions. Thanks to an easy folding system, the folded stroller has small dimensions. The opening and closing of the stroller do not require the use of force and are extremely easy. The frame can be folded with the seat of the stroller.

Intuitive assembly system for the nacelle, stroller and car seat. The handle for parents covered with eco-leather with adjustable height 85 cm to 108 cm. All wheels are rubber, pumped, mounted on bearings and damping. The very large rear wheels (30 cm in diameter) have a central brake. The front wheels (20 cm in diameter) are handling and 360-degree rotary and can be locked for forward driving.

Great and profound platform with a soft mattress for young children. Adjustable inclination of the basket of the nacelle for a greater comfort of the child. The leg covers protects the baby from wind, rain and cold. The deep canopy offers excellent protection against external factors. It also has an extra solar screen removable.

The hood has an opening panel to ensure excellent ventilation. The nacelle cover is equipped with reflective elements to improve safety. Comfortable seat of the stroller, with the ability to mount it forward and in the opposite direction of walking.

Continuous adjustment of the folder of the lying position at the sitting position. 5-point safety belts with soft padding and adjustable height. Swivel safety hoop, removable on all sides, covered with ecological leather. Leg covers to protect the baby from wind, rain and cold.

The window in the hood guarantees a constant contact with the child. Behind the hood is the retina that guarantees additional ventilation in hot weather. The stroller cover is equipped with reflective elements to improve safety. For children up to 13 kg (ECE group I / II / III).

3-point safety belts with easy adjustment of flexible length and protections. Insert for the little ones. Sun visor hidden at the back of the seat.

Setting the handle in 3 positions. Equipped with 3-point car safety belts.

Multifunctional - baby carrier, transat and car seat. Thanks to the comfortable guides, the seat can be easily and quickly installed in the car.

Product tested and approved according to the European safety regulation ECE R 44/04. The big and elegant shopping bag type bag offers space for everything you need regardless of the reason for your exit. Solid and waterproof material bag, resistant to dirt and abrasion.

Original design with elegant eco-leather handles. Several internal pockets to organize the necessary accessories. A precise seam guarantees sustainable and pleasant use. The bag comes with a small laptop changing mat with the same design. The kit contains two universal media to hang the bag on different types of strollers. The handles are made of a special elastic material that prevents the bag from slipping on the handles of the stroller. Two leg covers (one for the nacelle and one for the stroller). Bag for parents with mounting brackets.

Universal adapters for car seat. The supplied adapters are compatible with the following car seats: Kinderkraft, Maxi Cosi®, Cybex® and are suitable for the following models: Kinderkraft Mink, Cybex Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q and Maxi Cosi Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30 , Citi, Cabrio and Cabrofix.

Materials: 100% polyester fabric mixed, eco-leather. Mattress: 80% polyester, 20% cotton. Dimensions and weight of the open product. Stroller with frame: length 100 cm, height 106 cm, width 59 cm, weight: 12 kg. Nacelle: Length: 88 cm, Width: 41 cm, Height: 66 cm, Weight: 5 kg.

Car seat: Length: 65 cm Width: 45 cm Height: 45.5 cm, Weight: 3.3 kg. Dimensions and weight of the box.

92x57x54.5 cm / 26 kg. Kinderkraft is a brand that accompanies children and parents in their exploration of the world together. We are sure of the high quality of the product range and therefore each of our customers can benefit from the ten-year warranty.

In this way, as a manufacturer, we offer the security, durability and functionality of our products for the duration of their use. Just fill out a form available on the official Kinderkraft website within 30 days of the date of purchase and you can benefit from long-term protection. Protection - We ensure the repair or replacement of damaged goods. Savings - We take care of all the costs resulting from the claim.

Convenience - Simply report the problem via a registration form available on the site. Tranquility - We do the whole process of repairing or replacing the product start at the end. Advantages: car seat mink supplied stroller up to 22 kg Robust aluminum frame Comfortable stroller seat included Fast and easy safety Safety front desktop box Spacious wheels Stroller stroller up to 22 kg Adjustable footrest seat Car insert for the smallest sun visor hidden at the back of the seat handle adjustment in 3 positions bag Dimensions: 53x29 cm Easy to clean supplied: Frame with wheels stroller spaceship car car mink rain cover Changing table pump for Wheels Spacious purchasing basket Universal adapters Runtime: Frame: Aluminum Mattress: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton Wheel diameter: Front: 20 cm Back: 30 cm Dimensions and weight of the box: 92x57x54.5 cm / 26 kg . The seller is \This article can be shipped to the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain.

  1. Main color: beige <\/ li>
  2. EAN: 5902533914166 <\/ Li>
  3. Features: 3in1 <\/ li>
  4. Brand: Kinderkraft <\/ Li>
  5. Wheel Type: CORTIATIS <\/ LI>
  6. Age compatible: Dalla Birth <\/ Li>
  7. Type: stroller <\/ li>
  8. color / grain: beige <\/ li>
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: Not Applicable <\/ Li> <\/ ul>

    Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige   Kinderkraft Stroller Landau Trio Premium 2020 With Auto Car Seat 3in1bige