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Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat

Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat

Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat   Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat
Super 2017 Trio peg perego book pop up pram stroller car seat. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

New brand 201 7 colors! Offer only for today July 6. We always recommend to insure the goods only costs 2.99 more.

But in case of theft or damage to property, it is immediately replaced. News 7 201 cash cost only 2.99 more. Paid directly in cash to the courier is very convenient! Pi ù you can select the frame. News 201 6 Cash cost only 2.99 more.

The new trio 201 7. New brand trio trio peg perego book more pop up 201 7.

It has a compact chassis with a book structure extremely versatile and comfortable to drive. Design with clean lines, modern and sporty look.

Flexible and suitable for all circumstances will be a valuable companion adventure to turn around the world. Innovative security system with one hand and the central handle for driving the one hand, and to move the frame as a trolley when it is closed. Impeccable finishes, for example when it is closed the bag is always well protected inside to ensure maximum hygiene. Easier to connect the three components included in the trio shuttle xl, car seat 0-13 kg first trip sorting fix k and seat stroller. Specifications: shuttle W: - omolotaga of birth - designed for car use (separately sold car kits) - comfort system with reclining schienaline in different positions - air control system for use in any season - handle rigid for transportation - polypropylene shell covered with a soft cloth - cover with windproof - exterior dimensions of 45.5 x 67 x 87 cm - internal dimensions: 70 x 32 cm inside / inside - weight : 5.3 kg tri-fix car seat k - approved from birth to 1 year (0-13 kg) - already prepared for use in the car without the base (base sold separately) - increased system protection for side impacts, adjustable to follow the growth - carrying handle - complete the internal gear - size: 44 x 63 x 66 cm - weight: 5 kg stroller book more pop model 201 7 choose between gray, black or frame 51 - ca dre with lightweight aluminum frame and ultra - folding closure with one hand, it is only when folded - g-matic system to enter a flash all 3 components, such as the egg, and wear baby stroller seat - reversible seat stroller (switch) - single height adjustable handle in different positions - ball bearings 12 to make it even easier to use (30% less effort with respect to a frame of another type) - port expenditures lower rack loading system with ease - total 4 wheels for greater agility - canopy special insert up uv 50+ protection and window to see the baby - soft fabrics, comfortable and durable - technical special de'embossatura giving weave of character and personality - open format: 59 x 106 x 93 cm - closed dimensions: 35 x 83 cm - weight: 7.3 kg accessories included: - color matching bag with buckles for Framework. Equipped with a changing table portable - stroller rain cover. We accepted as methods of payment. (You will receive the data at the end of the auction). (More for you and slower). Methods fast and good -other market to request bids. All items if available in stock are sent within two business days by our couriers, we do not accept other shipping methods; the schedule of deliveries of around two business days excluding islands and Calabria. The costs also include packaging and decision costs to assignment.

Withdrawals take our seat only by appointment. The returned object will be carefully checked and, if this defect will be repaired or replaced by an identical or equivalent features and value. If repair is not possible and a replacement product is not available, the customer will be entitled to a credit equal value, net of expenses that will remain against it. The buyer shall not in any way refuse to return a faulty product: in no case will be given a replacement (or refund) under warranty, without the prior return of the product. The right of withdrawal is applicable to all products sold by us, regardless of the reported conditions.

The buyer can not arbitrarily return a product for any reason without our prior permission. The costs and risks of transport are fully borne by the buyer, which, however, be entitled to a refund for any loss dannio as permitted by the carrier for shipments that are insured. In no event will we be liable for damage or loss of a given product to an external organization to our carrier. On all packages, it must be written in full: I count check the conformity of products. Front wheels swivel and lockable.

The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. 5 extra features: hood <\/ li>
  2. 11 additional features: basket <\/ li>
  3. 72 additional features: seat belts to 5 points <\/ li>
  4. Additional Features 23: Rain cover with per <\/ li>
  5. Additional features 44: leg cover <\/ li>
  6. supplémentaires5 features: adjustable footrest <\/ li>
  7. 36 additional features: front wheels swivel and lockable <\/ li>
  8. 67 additional features: adjustable backrest <\/ li>
  9. part number: book_peg <\/ li>
  10. Brand: Peg Perego <\/ li>
  11. di manufacture country: ITALY <\/ li>
  12. manufacturer part number: book_peg <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat   Super 2017 Trio Peg Perego Stroller Pop Up Book Landau Car Seat